Upcoming Dairy Cattle Auction
Wisconsin's newest & fastest growing auction!

Hay, Straw and Firewood auction every Wednesday at 9:30 am

Special Heifer Auction Friday August 17th

Special Monthly Dairy Heifer Auction at 11:00am

Very Short Notice

Herd Dispersal

125 good quality Holstein parlor/freestall cows. NICE YOUNG HERD

Please call to add your Heifers to our website!!!

~~~Expecting 500-600 head of Dairy Heifers~~~

Always a great selection of Dairy Heifers at our auction!!!

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Aug 22nd Dairy Cattle Auction

Dairy Cattle Auction Aug. 22nd at 11:00am

Complete Herd Dispersal

Always a great selection of Dairy Cattle at our auction!

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Special Dairy Auction Friday 24th

Special Dairy Auction FRIDAY August 24th at 11:00am

250 Freestall Holstein Dairy Cows

***serving FREE ice cream***

We hope to see you at the auction!!!

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August 29th Dairy Cattle Auction

Dairy Cattle Auction August 29 at 11:00

Complete Dairy Herd Dispersal

Brown Swiss Bull

Always a great selection of Dairy Cattle at our auction!


Machinery Auction at 9:30 am!!!

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Sept. 5th 2018 Dairy Auction

Dairy Cattle Auction Sept.5th at 11:00am

2 complete herd dispersals

***always a great selection of dairy cattle at our auction***

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