dairy sales in Withee, WI Dairy Sales - Dairy Cattle Auction Wednesday December 11, 2019 at 11:00 am dairy sales in Withee, WI

Dairy Cattle Auction Wednesday December 11, 2019 at 11:00 am

Holstein Dairy Cows

Many loads of FANCY Springing Heifers


Auctioneer: Travis Parr

Dairy Cattle Auction Wednesday December 11, 2019 at 11:00 am

Complete Herd Dispersal

53 Holstein Dairy Cows & Heifers (35) Dairy Cows (18) Heifers, milked in stanchion barn, outside daily, 60# 4.0BF 3.3P all stages of lactation. Coming from Adams County  

35 fresh Holstein Dairy Cows, ALL 1st & 2nd calves, parlor/freestall, all fresh 60 days or less. Watch for more information! Coming from Goodhue County

15 FANCY Holstein Springing Heifers, headlock/freestall adapted, due Jan. sires include Petrone, Headliner, Bob, McNuggets, Donatello and more,  EXCELLENT quality! This consignor recently sold the fanciest load of springers at Premier this year!!! Coming from Baerwolf Dairies

12 Recent fresh Holstein dairy cows, parlor/ freestall, this consignor has topped the auction many times! Coming from Udderful Dairy

12 Holstein Springing Heifers, freestall/headlock adapted, TOP sires used, due Jan-Feb, reputation consignors! Coming from Dane County

12 Holstein Fresh Cows, all 1st calves, all fresh 30 days or less, milking well. More info coming! Coming from Schulte Farms ~ Caledonia, MN

12 Registered Holstein Springers, due Dec & Jan, TOP sires include McCutchen, Pety, Snowmobile & Corvette, service sires include Pety, Bob, Spark, Kingboy,Pety & Deceiver, reputation consignor! Coming from Jim Knutson ~ New Auburn, WI 

8 Registered Holstein Springing Heifers, TOP sires, freestall/headlock adapted, reputation consignor, owner previously sold there herd at Premier. Coming from Dean & Joan Hohag ~ Waverly, MN

2 Registered Springing Heifers, due 12-29, sires are: Bourbon & Modesty, bred to: Abba & Modesty