dairy sales in Withee, WI Dairy Sales - Dairy Cattle Auction Wednesday January 23, 2019 dairy sales in Withee, WI

Dairy Cattle Auction 11:00 am Wednesday January 23, 2019

Selling Dairy Cows, Dairy Heifers, Breeding Bulls, followed by Calves & Market Cattle

*Complete Herd Dispersal

*Top Quality Holstein Consignments

*Top Quality Registered Holstein Consignment


9:30AM selling Hay, Straw & Firewood

Auctioneer: Travis Parr

Dairy Cattle Auction 11:00 am Wednesday January 23, 2019

Selling Dairy Cows, Dairy Heifers, Breeding Bulls, followed by Calves & Market Cattle

Complete Herd Dispersal

70 head of Holstein Dairy Cows and Springing Heifers. We previously sold the top 250 cows in August 2018 for the Heim Family. This is there final offering including many just fresh 2 year olds & springing heifers. Buyers who bought from this herd were very happy with there cows! (30) springers (10) springing cows (20) springing heifers, many fresh 2 year olds, the balance of the cows are recent fresh or bred back. Family farm for over 100 years, on 2x milking, 85#  tank avg. with lots of cows milking over 100# scc 190, 3.7BF, well over 50 years of AI breeding and 30 years on full mating program through Select Sires. Sires include Lariat, Bomaz, Real-Deal, Aaron-REd, Plus, Paxton-Red, Richman, Plato, Dreamer, Blitz, Montney, Dashawn, Durable, Petrone, Mr. Mudd, Shamrock, Dragon Heart, Al, Plan, Honey Bee, Kid, & McNuggets. Complete herd health and vaccination program, including J-vac, through Lewiston Veterinary Clinic. Cows are milked in a double 10 Herringbone parlor, housed in sand bedded freestalls. Coming from South Branch Dairy, Mike, Tami, & Justin Heim ~ St. Charles, MN

12 - Very High Quality Holstein Dairy Cows, milking heavy, avg over 100# TOP cow 145#!!! parlor/freestall, all 1st & 2nd calf, coming out of a 32,000# herd, all sired & serviced to high genomic young sires, sires include Mogual, Supersire, Headliner, McCutchen, & Jerod, full vac program, herd is jonhes free. These cows are fresher cows that are bred back and due in July. Dave has too many cows that are due for July and is offering these high quality dairy cows that will work for your parlor/freestall herd. 100% guaranteed sound! Reputation consignor! Coming from Dave & Stacy Jauquet ~ Luxemburg, WI

15 - Very High Quality REGISTERED Holstein Dairy Cows, milking 75-120# scc 150, all 1st & 2nd calf fresh less than 90 days, RHA over 28,000# parlor/freestall, strictly TOP end high genomic sires, cows will sell on test, exceptional vac program, TOP END COWS, 100% guaranteed sound! Coming from Ralph Bredl & Family/Harmony Ho Holstein ~ Stratford, WI

12 - FANCY Holstein Dairy Cows, fresh, all 1st & 2nd calf, parlor/freestall, on test, milking 75-120#

10 - Holstein Springing Heifers, due February & March, AI bred & AI sired

8 - Certified Organic springing cows, most coming 2nd calf, bred to polled Holstein bull, tiestall adapted


Red & White Holstein Bull, purebred but no papers,  ready for cows, 2 year old, proven breeder, sire is Rev-Me-Up. Dam is a 92 point Fritzland Red, the bulls 3 sisters are VG-85, VG-88, & EX 90

9:30AM selling Hay, Straw & Firewood

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