dairy sales in Withee, WI Dairy Sales - Dairy Cattle Auction Wednesday March 4, 2020 at 11:00 am dairy sales in Withee, WI

Dairy Cattle Auction Wednesday March 4, 2020 at 11:00 am

Complete Herd Dispersal ~ Parlor/Freestall

A full load of high quality registered & grade  Holstein Fresh cows - Legacy Farms ~ Shell Lake, WI


Auctioneer: Travis Parr

Dairy Cattle Auction Wednesday March 4, 2020 at 11:00 am

22 FANCY Registered and Grade Fresh Heifers from a top shelf dairy sending us another TOP load of extremely high quality cows from a 31,000#RHA!!! Family farm since 1978, parlor/freestall, cows will sell on test, current herd avg. 94#, 4.22BF w/1302, 3.26P w/1006, scc under 100, AI sired over 40 years, sires & service sires include Supersire, King Tut, Punch, Montross, Morgan, Corvette, Lone Star, Everest, Maxum, Shot Gun, Butler, Crown Red, Cascade, King Doc, & Cascade, this load avg is 92# scc 55! All fresh 36-112 days, w/several short serviced, extensive vaccination program, 75% are registered, strictly TOP end, reputation consignor, guaranteed sound! Coming from Legacy Farms ~ Shell Lake, WI

Complete Herd Dispersal

100 Holstein Dairy Cows, w/several Jersey & Flechveih Crosses, parlor/freestall, cows will sell on test, avg. 70# on 2x, scc in the 100's 4.0BF/3.5P, many top cows over 100#, majority are AI sired, but are currently bred to Holstein bulls, on vaccination 2x a yr, regular hoof trimming, bulk of these cows are in the 1st  & 2nd lactation and these cows are not pushed at all! Coming from HD Dairy ~ Polk County WI

14 Fresh Heifers, parlor/freestall, majority milking 75-100# low scc, cows sell on test, full vaccination program, reputation consignor! Coming from Udderful Dairy


2 Holstein Dairy Bulls, 18 months old # 617 Rockstar x Bandares x Supersire TPI +2622 #638 Cabo x Superhero x Yoder TPI +2557 dam scored 86 as a 2 yr old. Both bulls have family members in AI Coming from Johnson Dairy Enterprise

Holstein Bull, Alcove out of 90pt Denver, ready for heifers & cows, born 3-10-19, approx. 1000-1100# he is 100 tpi points short for AI stud

Fancy purebred Jersey bull, proven and gentle, sired Lemonhead!!! Good for heifers, big enough for cows!!! Sharp!!!!

Selling Farm Machinery & Farm Items
Friday, April 3, 2020 • 10:00 am

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