dairy sales in Withee, WI Dairy Sales - Dairy Cattle Auction Wednesday November 13, 2019 at 11:00am dairy sales in Withee, WI

Dairy Cattle Auction Wednesday November 13, 2019 at 11:00am

Complete Herd Dispersals

Certified Organic Dispersals

Auctioneer: Travis Parr

Dairy Cattle Auction Wednesday November 13, 2019 at 11:00am

Complete Herd Dispersal #1

80 Holstein Dairy Cows, tiestall, heifers on headlocks, 75# tank avg. with many cows milking over 100# scc200, 40 years AI with TOP sires through Alta & Select Sires, vaccination program and regular hoof trimming. Coming from MN

Complete Herd Dispersal #2

35 Holstein Dairy Cows, family farm since 1905, 65# NO TMR, 4.1BF 3.3P scc 135, tiestall, on home grown feed, over 40 years AI using TOP bulls, NICE quality cows! Coming from Bryan Tamke ~ Arcadia, WI 

Complete Herd Dispersal #3

48 Certified Organic Holstein & Jersey Cross Cows (30)Dairy Cows, parlor/freestall, all stages of lactation, also selling heifers (9)open (6)short bred & (2) springing heifers, Hol herd bull also sells, more information on auction day! Coming from Robert Rothering ~ Cashton, WI

~~~ More Dairy Consignments ~~~

20 Certified Organic Holstein Dairy Cows, milked in parlor, grazed, fed little grain, loose housing and on bedded pack, cows are recent fresh, bred back or close springing, bred to Hol & Angus bulls. Coming from WI

14 FANCY Holstein Springing Heifers, due Nov-Dec, excellent quality!

12 Fancy Holstein FRESH cows, parlor/freestall, owner bringing them as they freshen, always brings the the top kind, reputation consignor! Bay Farms ~ Adams, WI

12 High Grade Holstein Dairy Cows, outside daily,  AI for over 30 years, headlocks as heifers, good feet, legs & udders, vac & regular hoof trimming. Coming from Arkansaw, WI

Load of Registered Holstein Dairy Cows, parlor/freestall, all 1st & 2nd calf, owners sold there top herd at Premier and is selling heifers as they freshen. Cows will sell on test! Coming from Dean & Joan Hohag ~ MN

Top Springing heifer due Dec. 9th, from Johnnes free herd. Coming from one of the TOP herds sold here at Premier! Michael Artac ~ Willard, WI