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We understand that decisions regarding herd dispersal are significant and require careful consideration.

Whether you are transitioning your operation, retiring from farming, or exploring new opportunities, our Herd Dispersal Service is designed to meet your needs with efficiency and expertise.

The Process:

On-Farm Consult
One of our skilled field representatives can schedule a visit when it's convenient for you to look at your herd and do an on-the-farm consult.
We will advertise your herd dispersal through print, radio, and digital advertising. The more notice we get, the more we can get the word out.
Need Transportation for your livestock?
We got your covered!
We work with over 40+ livestock truckers that transport cattle to Premier.
We catalog your cattle free of charge. We can also refer you to a catalog specialist if you looking to do a pedigree catalog. 
Sale Day
The morning of the sale, we vet check your herd, free of charge. Our vet-check includes a look-over of the stature of the cow, an ultra-sound pregnancy check, and udder check preformed by a licensed veterinarian. We try to make the process as calm as possible.

With our Expert Team at Premier Livestock & Auctions - You & Your Cattle are in Good Hands

Whether your looking to sell now, or inquiring, please reach out to Rocky at 715-721-0079 or submit the form below:

*All inquires will be kept confidential*

Thanks for submitting, our team will get back to you soon with more information.

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