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Hay, Straw and Firewood auction every Wednesday at 9:30 am

Dairy Cattle Auction  Wednesday October 21, 2020 ~ 11:00 am

Complete Herd Dispersal!

90 Holstein Dairy Cows. Details Parlor/freestall, avg. 62# on home grown feed w/no extra protein fed, 4.0BF 3.2P 175scc, cows bred & sired through Genex, complete vaccination program, all stages of lactation and cows for all budgets. Marathon County

40 Holstein and Crossbred ORGANIC Dairy Heifers, (30) open heifers 200-800# (10) short bred to Jersey


25 FANCY fresh 2 year olds! Details ~ Holstein Dairy Cows including a few SHARP Jersey Crosses, parlor/freestall, cows sell on test, most milking 70-100# low scc, extensive vaccination program, reputation consignor! Udderful Dairy ~ Waupaca County

25 Holstein Dairy Cows, 2 & 3 year olds, parlor/freestall, some recent fresh, some bred back, all milking well, extensive vaccination program, coming out of a 29,000# herd!  Mehrkens Family Dairy ~ Lake City MN

15 ORGANIC Holstein Dairy Cows, most are dry and due in Nov.

14 Another load of FANCY Holstein Springing Heifers, headlock/freestall adapted, due within 30 days. TOP sires & service
sires used including Synergy, Premium, Pety, Compass-P, PowerTool, Hangtime, Bob, King Royal, Legendary,
True-P, and Petrone. This consignor has sold some of the fanciest loads of springers at Premier Livestock with
excellent feed back! Baerwolf Dairies, Sun Prairie, WI

10 Holstein Springing Heifers, freestall/headlock adapted, AI sired & AI bred

Holstein and Jersey Cross Dairy Cows (6)fresh 30-90 days (2)close springers, milked in tiestall, housed in freestall, outside daily, over 25 years AI, sires & service sires include Steve, Mr.Max, Vilas-P-Red, Extreme-P, Lonestar, Rager-Red, Perplex-PP-Red, Jitterbug and more, vac program, and regular herd health. Coming from D&J Farms

Holstein Dairy Cows, parlor/freestall, all bred back, overstocked dairy!

6 ORGANIC Holstein/Fleckveih open heifers, breeding age


5 Good quality Holstein fresh Dairy Cows, 2 year olds, parlor/frestall, full vaccination program, reputation consignor! Bays Farms ~ Adams County

Jersey Springing Heifers (1)just fresh, (3) close up 

Expecting 250 head of Dairy Cattle

Dairy Cattle Auction  Wednesday October 28, 2020 ~ 11:00 am


Complete Retirement Herd Dispersal

64 Holstein Dairy Cows and Heifers! Dispersal includes (15) Red & Whites (3) Jersey's.  (45) Milking Cows (19) Heifers that are short bred-springers Details ~ 40 year family farm! Herd avg.60# 3.9BF 3.2P 250scc, not pushed, on home grown feed, NO TMR, cows milked in stanchion, outside daily, many years of AI breeding through Genex, full vaccination program and regular herd health. Very docile cows, with good feet, legs and udders. Coming Dave & Deb Gretzinger ~ Shawno WI

15 SHARP fresh Holstein 2 year olds, we had the opportunity to pick the best out of 70! Details Cows sell on test, most are milking 70-95# scc below 100! Heifers born and raised in freestalls, milked in tiestalls with automatic take-offs, AI over 43 years, currently through Genex, full vaccination program, regular herd health. Coming from Dave Frahm ~ Edgar WI

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