Wisconsin's Largest Cattle Auction!

Selling 2000-3000 head per week.

Largest Dairy Cattle Auction in the Midwest!

Selling January 19, 2022

48 Large Square Organic Baleage 3x3x8 Tested 

Hay, straw, and firewood sold every Wednesday at 9:30 ~ sold by the bale

Now availabe - Cubes of Straw

18 small square bales of straw sold in 1 cube.

A Customer favorite!




Hay/Straw Market Report

Large Square Alfalfa 85-100

Large Square Mix 75-95

Large Square Grass 55-80

Baleage 30-70

Rounds 35-60

Small Square Hay 2-5

Large Square Straw  35-55

Corn Stalk/Fodder - Soybean Stubble 20-32

Small Square Straw 4-6

Canadian Straw (processed) Available at Premier Livestock!!!

High demand for quality hay!!  Consignors wanted for Conventional and Certified Organic Hay!