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 Market Report for week of May 23-26th

(daily auction updates)


May 16-19th Head Count - 2515

Market Cows: 

Trending: Stronger

Selling every Mon, Tues, Wed & Thurs 

High Yielding Cows - 85-103

Most Market Cows - 68-84

Low Yielding Cows  - 67 and Down    


Certified Organic Cattle: 

Trending: Steady

High Yielding Cows - 87-110

Low Yielding Cows - 86 and Down 

Certified Organic Steers/Bulls - No Test

Fed Market Steers and Heifers: 

 Trending: Steady/Stronger

Selling every Mon, Tues, Wed & Thurs 

High Choice and Prime Holstein Steers - 126-134

Low Choice & Select Holstein Steers - 112-125

Choice Beef Steers & Heifers - 126-137

Low Choice & Select Beef Steers & Heifers - 125 and Down

Choice Dairy Beef X Steers - 118-135

Under Finished & Mixed Grading - 111 and Down   

Market Bulls:

Trending: Steady

Selling Every Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs.

High Yielding Bulls - 101-116

Plainer Quality Bulls - 100 and Down

Baby Calves: 

Trending: Steady

Selling every Mon, Tues, Wed & Thurs  

Most Holstein Bull Calves - 85-135

Quality Beef Calves - 125-320

Holstein Heifer Calves (Single Birth) 10-45

Light and Off Quality Calves - 20 and Down 

Feeder Cattle: Very Strong!

Every Tuesday at 11:00 A.M.

Date 5-17-22

650 head of feeder cattle sold

75 bred beef cows, cow/calf pairs and

50 beef breeding bulls!

Most pairs 1200-1650

Most bred beef cows 1100-1700

Top Beef Bulls up to 2200

Next special sale Tuesday June 7th.

EXTREMELY good quality cattle sold all day. With MANY light fleshed, well vaccinated, grass type cattle selling! 

Weaned and vaccinated calves selling at a premium!

Thank you for choosing Premier Livestock and Auctions. 

We appreciate your business!

Market Report 5-17-22

Beef Str 200#-400# - 145-200

Beef Str 400#-600# - 138-200

Beef Str 600#- 900# - 125-177

Beef Hfr 200#-400# - 135-185

Beef Hfr 400#-600# - 130-176

Beef Hfr 600#-900# - 120-154

Dairy Beef X Str 200#-400# - 110-150

Dairy Beef X Str 400#-600# - 100-152

Dairy Beef X  Str 600#-900# - 95-135

Dairy Beef X  Hfr 200#-400# - 100-140

Dairy Beef X  Hfr 400#-600# - 95-141

Dairy Beef X Hfr 600#-900# - 90-130

Holstein Str 200#-400# - 95-130

Holstein Str 400#-600# - 90-125

Holstein Str 600#-900# - 90-122

Holstein Hfr 200#-900# - 65-95

Please Note ~ This market report covers 85% of what we sell.

Odd, Singles, Plain, Barny, Thin and Novelty Breeds may bring less than quoted!


Beef Cows/Heifers & Breeding Bulls:

Trending: Stronger. Strong Demand!

Cow/Calf Pairs - Most 1150-1750

Bred Beef Cows and Heifers (Per Head) - most 1000-1700

Beef Breeding Bulls - 1800-2350

Dairy Cattle: Trending Steady

Date: 5-18-22

On Wednesday we sold 150 head of Dairy Cattle! One small dairy herd sold, a lighter run with field work #1 priority. We also sold two big herd dispersals private treaty on the farm this week, selling one herd of 150 robot cows for $2,500, and another herd of 175 exceptional quality parlor freestall
cows for $2,250. We appreciate all of our livestock truckers, consignors, bidders, and buyers! Thank you for choosing Premier Livestock to sell and buy your cattle!

Dairy Cows and Heifers 

Top Quality Holstein Dairy Cows - 1800-2250

Good Quality Holstein Dairy Cows - 1150-1775

Lower Quality Holstein Dairy Cows - 1125 and Down

Top Quality Holstein Springing Heifers - 1350-1800

Common Springing Heifers - 1300 and Down


Breeding Bulls - up to 1600

Special Monthly Dairy Heifer Auction Report

Tremendous quality with over 900 dairy heifers sold! Extremely good demand! 125 buyers with heifers going to 5 states! Most opens $1.20-1.65/lb! Elite heifers, $170-210/lb!!! 

Top Holstein Short Bred Heifers - 1150-1650

Holstein Open Heifers - 300#-500# - 425-900

Holstein Open Heifers -  500#-700# - 650-1125

Holstein Open Heifers - 700#-850# - 825-1200

 Dairy Cattle Auction next week 

Wednesday May 25, 2022 at 11:00am

*** Holstein Dispersal!

*** Reputation Dairy Consignments!

*** Springing Heifers!

Hay, Straw, and Firewood @ 9:30 am

Special Dairy Heifer Auction

4th Tuesday of each Month

(Feeder Cattle to follow)

NEXT Monthly Dairy Heifer Auction 

TUESDAY May 24, 2022 @ 11:00am!

Expecting 600-700 head of dairy heifers.

Extremely high demand!

Expecting 500 head!

Heifers sold high last special dairy heifer auction!

Feeder cattle to follow.

See website for early consignments!


Swine, Sheep & Goats:

Sold every Thursday at 11:00 am

Date 5-19-22

Swine: Trending: Steady

Butcher Hogs (sold by the lb.) 60-70

Market Sows (sold by the lb.) 50-60

Market Boars (sold by the lb.) 15-20

Sheep: Trending: Steady 

Feeder Lambs 40-65# (sold by the lb.) 210-255

Feeder Lambs 75-110# (sold by the lb.) 200-225

Finished Lambs 110# to 150# (sold by the lb.) 175-210

Market Ewes (sold by the lb.) 75-110

Market Rams (sold by the lb.) 80-115

Goats: Trending: Steady

Dairy Kid Goats 40-65# (sold by the lb.) 200-250

Boer Kid Goats 40-65# (sold by the lb.) 350-410

Dairy Kid Goats 70-100#(sold by the lb.) 180-240

Boer Kid Goats 70-100#(sold by the lb.) 250-300

Nanny Goats (sold by the lb.) 50-140

Billy/Weather Goats (sold by the lb.) 140-200

Hay/Straw Market:

Wednesday's at 9:30 AM

All Hay & Straw sold by the bale!

Date: 5-11-22

Large Square Alfalfa 85-110

Large Square Mix 65-85

Large Square Grass 45-75

Baleage 35-70

Rounds 40-75

Small Square Hay 2-4.75

Large Square Straw 35-45

Corn Stalk/Fodder and Soybean Stubble 25-35

Small Square Straw No Test

Organic Hay - No Test

Thank you to all of our sellers, buyers, employees and livestock truckers, it’s all a team effort!!!

Please keep in mind we 
always have private treaty dairy cattle available
at all times off the farm. Call us with any questions!!
Thanks for all the great support!!

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