Thank you for all the professional and positive energy that your team displayed today! It was a honor and pleasure to work with you. There is no question that you are a business with high standards and do your best with honest representation to be fairest to all parties. A big Thanks to the entire team (those moving cattle, caring for the details, those in the office and marketing and announcing). Your job is not easy and you are greatly appreciated!

Hilgart Denise John 

There staff is amazing!
- Candace Gutowski
Contemplating selling your herd?
There is no better place, choose Premier.  If you care about your cows self your mind at ease, your cows will be pampered.  The truckers that picked up my herd were caring, gentle, and patient.  The facilities where the auction took place were immaculate.  The air was fresh. The atmosphere inviting.  Mary did a great job cataloging the herd.
The crew working with my cows couldn't have handled them more humanely.  Throughout the entire process Rocky presented himself as the class act he is.  I am an extremely demanding individual. He helped soothe anxieties and dealt with my perfectionist attitude calmly and rationally.  All expectations have been surpassed.
The day of the sale is over!  New days yet to come.  Thank you!

- Christopher Cepress