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Wisconsin's Largest Cattle Auction!
Selling 2500-3000 head per week.
Largest Dairy Cattle Auction in the Midwest!

Bob & I just want to say THANK YOU for taking the time to make us feel comfortable with our decision to send our herd to Premier. How to sell our cattle was something we thought a long time about, and we weighed all the options. When Rocky came to our farm, he made us feel that it was the right decision to send them to Premier. Rocky, Tim Schindler, the office staff, the crew, the truckers that hauled our herd, are nothing but professional at their jobs. Our cattle are very important to us & they took great care of them. We were very pleased with the whole experience. We wouldn't change a thing. If you are thinking about selling your cattle Premier Livestock & Auction is the place to go. Robert & Susan Miller

Dear Rocky & all at Premier Livestock

Herb & I just wanted to send this little book of photo’s to say a big thank you for all your help in getting our cattle sold in March!  It was much appreciated!  You did an excellent job of promoting & selling our cattle!  It wasn’t an easy thing to do & you guys made it easier & made it happen, just what we needed.  Thanks for helping us! 

- Sincerely Herb & Nona Bechtel

Another successful experience with Premier Livestock & Auctions LLC. We entrusted them with the dispersal of our dairy herd and it was a natural choice to send our first group of red angus calves there. Rocky and the team did a great job representing our calves and went above and beyond what we included in the information sent with them when introducing the cattle to the crowd. Profesional service with a personal touch is why we trust the folks in Withee with the fruits of our labors
- Stewart Bartz

On November 4th we sold our milking herd at Premier Livestock and Auctions.

Making the decision to take this step was difficult but with the help of the staff at Premier we felt confident that it was the right step with the right company to handle our cattle.
With the help of Rocky, Mary Jane and a great group of truckers, everything from getting the cow information, to loading cattle went exceptionally smooth.

We appreciate the assistance Premier gave us to have a successful auction and would recommend them to anyone looking for an auction house to handle their sale.

Yours truly,
- Marianne Peterson
J.M. Peterson Farms Inc.

Premier Staff,

I am Jeff and Marianne Peterson's daughter.  I want to thank you for the outstanding job you did selling their herd.  As you know, this was very difficult for them, but you made the process as smooth as possible.  From the planning, to the loading, to the sale....first class! Thank you!!


I am the younger daughter of Jeff and Marianne Peterson, I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for handling my parent’s herd dispersal auction. To say this was bittersweet for my family would be a gigantic understatement, being a dairy farmer was truly a childhood dream realized for my Dad, and my Mom came to have the same passion for it after they were married. Dairy farming is one of the cornerstones of the family for my parents, my sister, my 3 brothers, and all of our spouses and children even with our verifying degrees of involvement with the dairy as it is in our adulthood, we are so lucky to have been a part of the industry for so long.


Your guidance and professionalism during the lead up to the sale and the auction itself was second to none. I could not have imagined that it would go as smoothly and successfully as it did, and we owe a lot of that to you. The feedback we got from the auction and the auction itself is really a positive way to cap off a dairy career, I know that it meant a great deal to my Dad and Mom that it went as well as it did. Thank you so much for all of the hard work you put into promoting it and the hard work that comes with the auction itself, we really appreciate it.


Thank you for all the professional and positive energy that your team displayed today! It was a honor and pleasure to work with you. There is no question that you are a business with high standards and do your best with honest representation to be fairest to all parties. A big Thanks to the entire team (those moving cattle, caring for the details, those in the office and marketing and announcing). Your job is not easy and you are greatly appreciated!

Hilgart Denise John 

There staff is amazing!
- Candace Gutowski
Contemplating selling your herd?
There is no better place, choose Premier.  If you care about your cows self your mind at ease, your cows will be pampered.  The truckers that picked up my herd were caring, gentle, and patient.  The facilities where the auction took place were immaculate.  The air was fresh. The atmosphere inviting.  Mary did a great job cataloging the herd.
The crew working with my cows couldn't have handled them more humanely.  Throughout the entire process Rocky presented himself as the class act he is.  I am an extremely demanding individual. He helped soothe anxieties and dealt with my perfectionist attitude calmly and rationally.  All expectations have been surpassed.
The day of the sale is over!  New days yet to come.  Thank you!

- Christopher Cepress
Special thanks to the crew at Premier on a great sale on Tuesday. They will do anything to promote your business and cattle. Besides having a state of the art facility, they go the extra step to get you over the top in price.
- Coney Creek Farm 
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